My Dolls

These dolls are NOT for sale. They are my personal collection shown here for your enjoyment. 


Clockwise, Back to Front: handmade "Kemmi" (sleeping) with porcelain head and hands, porcelain "Little Red Riding Hood", porcelain black baby doll, felt and velvet doll from England made by Norah Wellings, pre-born baby doll (barely visible, in basket), porcelain baby doll (sitting in fairy basket), wooden doll family


Hummel's "Little Goose Girl" with Madame Alexander's "Lucinda"


A pair of BAITZ dolls from Austria - circa 1966. "Thurgau" on the left, and "Schweizer Bub" on the right. Bought in Switzerland when I was a little girl.

Sugar Britches baby doll

"Sugar Britches" made by Carole Pace of Seattle from a Boots Tyner mold. She can wear real newborn baby clothes and feels like a real baby!

cloth dolls

These "twins" were owned by my mother and my aunt. Their faces are a stiffened fabric, and their bodies are soft cloth.

Madame Alexander's Elise

Two Madame Alexander "Elise" dolls from 1950's.

Storybook Bride Doll

A Nancy Ann Storybook Bride Doll from the 50's, once my older sister's.

Norah Wellings doll

Close-up of the Norah Wellings doll. I called her "Betsy." She was my mom's. Norah Wellings was a doll maker in England in pre- and post-WW11 years.

Madam Alexander and Steiff Hedgehog dolls

Madame Alexander and Steiff Hedgehog dolls

Little Red Riding Hood doll

Doreen Sinnett doll

Doreen Sinnett jointed porcelain fairy doll sitting on circa 1970s tin can furniture


The little bonneted lass seated on the left was one I made in a porcelain class. In the foreground is another of my mother's dolls: an antique German porcelain baby with two faces, happy and sad, sitting in a little porcelain car.

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