My Dolls

These dolls are NOT for sale. They are my personal collection shown here for your enjoyment. Where possible, I have linked to the doll artists' web pages.

Wolf as Granny character doll
I am trying to find out who the artist is. It might be someone from the U.K. Please email me if you think you know who sculpted this doll.

1 5/8 inches
2 inches
March 2008... I just bought the above dolls at the Seattle Dollhouse Miniature Show. The dealer did not know who made them. Can you tell me?

I bought this little 2" cutie from Tucker's Tiny Treasures.

2 faced doll Two-Faced Antique 1/12 Scale Baby Doll

This doll was already an antique when given to my mother by her nanny around 1935. She has two faces, sad (showing) and contented. Her head turns to reveal the other face.

She is sitting in a hand-crafted miniature wicker carriage made by Sammy Smith.


Antique Style Steamer Trunk, & Reproduction Dolls.

The trunk (and all its contents) and hatbox were made by my friend Chris in England.

The dolls are by Dolls, Dolls, Dolls.

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls

Wanda Kuhl Doll

Wanda Kuhl Doll

This little darling is porcelain, wearing a crocheted outfit made by her maker.

London Supply Doll

This doll was made by London Supply, of England. She is posed with a Bespaq teacart, loaded with Bespaq dishes and tea set.


Notice: another red head! I have a thing about red headed dolls. They are my favorites!

London Supply


Marcia Peterson Fairy Dolls Marcia Peterson Fairy Dolls

I love the sweet faces this doll artist creates.

Marcia lives here in the Pacific Northwest (in Poulsbo), but she has a web site where she sells her work! Garden Fairies


Japanese Girl

This little one is again 1/12 scale and a one-of-a-kind hand sculpted "Nobuko Doll" made by Nobuko Case of Port Angeles, Washington.

She is dressed in pieces of silk from a real kimono, which is authentically lined and the obi belt is tied in the traditional way in the back.

See how her white slippers have the separated big toe? That is authentic too.

Japanese doll
Trolls - slow-loading but worth the wait! Trolls

These are two miniature trolls by Joni Cagwin. The crazed looking male (I think he's male) has a tail -- see its furry end? The tiny "beaded" moccasins were made by my buddy Barb Plevan.


This fairy is of porcelain, about 5" tall and posable. She was made from a Parker-Levi mold. Parker and Levi are brother and sister. Ms. Parker sculpted the dolls, and her brother made the molds. It is my understanding that they are no longer making miniature dolls.

Slow-loading fairy - but worth the wait!
Sleeping Fairy Baby These little fairy babies were made by... me! You can see more on my Northwest Naturals page. Praying tiny baby fairy
Steiff Hedgehogs

My Steiff Hedgehog dolls are about 40 years old. I have two ladies because my older sister gave me hers. That is a Steiff elephant on the right.


This lovely hanging Christmas angel is all porcelain, and made by Sammy Smith from a Seeley teacup fairy mold. There are two more of Sammy's lovelies coming up .

Slow-loading angel - but worth the wait!
Mermaid and Water Babies

More Sammy Smith wonders! This photo does not do them justice. The mermaid has clusters of shells and roses in several places, including a wreath on her head. Sammy also made the "rock" she is sitting on. The wee ones are waterbabies.

Slow-loading mermaid - but worth the wait!
Wooden Dolls

This little wooden family (I'm missing the papa) is probably European. The mother (sitting on right) is a bit taller than the two children. Her hair is made of thread. Aren't they sweet?

Dollhouse Family

This is my original dollhouse family I've had since I was 9 (they were already old when I got them). They were my mother's first. The mama doll is actually a pin cushion (under her skirt.) Her husband is quite short, but a very nice man all the same! I painted his hair when I was young. I think he is a natural blonde.

This is my Edwardian dollhouse family -- all made by Sammy.