Northwest Naturals These miniatures are in 1:12 scale, also called dollhouse scale. Many of them were made from natural objects discovered and collected in the Pacific Northwest. Most of these were made for my Mossy Manor fairy house. They are not for sale. As I have time, I am adding  instructions to some of these, so you can make your own natural miniatures.

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General Tips on making miniature twig furniture

tiny fairy
Tiny Fairy Babies
Each hand sculpted doll is one-of-a-kind.
wood elf
Wood Elves
One-of-a-kind artist dolls.
Approximately 10" high, with pinecone petal roof shingles.
sleeping fairy
Fairy Baby

A sculpted tiny baby fairy sleeping in the morning sun.
New! Click on baby for instructions to make your own!
Little woodland fairy lovers can dream with ease on a sunny day on this flower adorned swing.
Baby Cradle
Supported by wooden rockers, the walnut shell cradle provides mossy softness for baby's wee little head.
Wishing Well
The crank really turns to raise and lower the bucket.
Covered in handprinted fabric, with seedpod finials. Acorn reading lights on headboard add charm.
Garden Bench
A charming rustic addition to the garden.
Evergreen Trees
These trees can be decorated for Christmas or left natural for landscaping. New! Click on tree for instructions to make your own!


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